• Aeromodelling-F2 Control Line

    Aeromodelling-F2 Control Line

    In F2C, the model aircraft race each other with three pilots flying their aircraft in the same circle simultaneously. Each model has a mechanic who starts the engine at the race starter’s signal and catches and refuels the model when it runs out of fuel.

    (Photo Courtesy of Singapore Youth Flying Club)

  • Welcome in the sky!

    Welcome in the sky!

    The Paragliders Association Singapore (hereafter PGSG) was formed by a group of passionate paragliders based in Singapore in order to promote Paragliding as a sport in our country and also to fly more and more.

    (Photo courtesy of Paragliding Association of Singapore)

  • Aeromodelling - F3 Remote Control

    Aeromodelling - F3 Remote Control

    The FAI/CIAM class of F3A involves complex aerial manoeuvres with a radio controlled model aircraft, where utmost precision and skill in controlling the model aircraft in any attitude and under all conditions is required. Typically, an F3A model aircraft will have a fuselage length of no more than 2 metres, a wing span of less than 2 metres, and the weight must not exceed 5kg's.

    (Photo Courtesy of Radio Modellers Singapore)

  • F3F - Slope Soaring Gliders

    F3F - Slope Soaring Gliders

    As the name depicts, this event is flown in front of a slope, taking advantage of the updrafts created by the wind. In the single Speed task the pilot tries to fly its model over a 1000m course (composed of 10 X 100 meter legs) in the shortest possible time.

    At least four rounds should be completed in order to determine the winner.

    (Photo courtesy of Team F3F Singapore)

  • Aeromodelling - F3K - Hand Launch Gliders

    Aeromodelling - F3K - Hand Launch Gliders

    Hand Launch R/C Gliders is a class with growing popularity. In this event the competitors fly comparatively smaller gliders, with a maximum wingspan of 1,5 m which are launched from the pilots themselves by hand. In last years the pilots apply the discus launch techniques. (Photo courtesy of SG Fr3ak League)

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